Replace the fear of the unknown with curiosity…”

The Company

This phase has become the mantra for the design team here at C.Cursiosity, llc. Over the past few years, The team has collaborated with a number of other professionals to design, inspire, critique and more. What makes us a good design company? We are self-proclaimed over-compulsive and motivated to figure out things we haven’t done before.We are thrilled to have the opportunity to do something we love and make others happy as well. Designs should be a reflection of you!

 The Owner

Entrepreneur. Designer. Artist. Chelsea Hill uniquely combines a passion for business with an eye for interior design. Holding a Master’s Degree in Art and possessing an innate sense of style, Chelsea honed her talent for design while running her successful online boutique.

With each project design Chelsea continually strives for the unique, the interesting, and the classic to create interiors that are both timeless and fresh. Chelsea maintains a continual connection with the latest in interior design through her blog where she explores new products, shares design inspiration, and writes about life in Florida for an ever growing audience.